Bursts of Rage

Call it rage, call it annoyance, sometimes there are just things (stupid, little, non-malicious things) that get me so worked up and make me want to scream. I find the following unacceptable:

  • color paper clips
  • wire hangers
  • when people say what they want/need and expect an unprompted offer of assistance instead of asking for one
  • leaving closet doors open overnight (though I recently got called out on this as I frequently sleep with bedroom door open just fine. Is sleeping with the bedroom door closed a guy thing? a roommate thing?)
  • being left waiting due to an intentional disregard for punctuality (there is a difference between habitual 10 min late personality and selfish/lazy inertia)
  • senior coworkers micro-managing simple tasks
  • cold soup
  • plastic tampon applicators/packaging (total finicky high horse – I will defend tampons themselves until kingdom come, but cannot understand why so much plastic needs to be involved)
  • comfortable leggings being trendy without an equally popular rise in selection of ass-covering tunics
  • hormones – or basically why this post has been brought to you (if it wasn’t blatantly obvious)

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One response to “Bursts of Rage

  1. Preach it, sista. I use OB tampons specifically because of their lack of packaging waste. Also, YES, ladies who wear leggings, PLEASE cover thine asses.

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