Always Never – Food Edition

Logging in today I see that I have nine drafts from the last six weeks that never got posted. Life has been a tightly-wound coil of stress on several personal fronts and each time I have tried to write my feelings out I couldn’t bear to publish and each time I tried to write about something else, it felt so false. I even stepped away from writing on Twitter for a bit because it felt like a pretense that things were okay when things were most definitely not. There is no true resolution to gloat over; no official devastation ruling to continue moping about. It is time to move forward. I am forcing myself to write and post SOMETHING. Since it is nearly lunch time, my thoughts turn to food. (Honestly my thoughts at work are pretty much always about food. I am a habitual cubicle snacker.)

I will always:

  • Choose pizza if given the choice
  • Salivate over a burger with a fried egg on it
  • Click on a link for a recipe for pancakes
  • Prefer Red Vines to Twizzlers
  • Steal your fries
  • Want popcorn at the movies (even if I just ate)

I will never

  • Want sour cream on my taco
  • Pass on an offer of margaritas
  • Order my steak rare
  • Warm to the idea of cauliflower as a substitute for anything
  • Regret trying the soup
  • See food as merely fuel




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