You’re Praying Wrong

Look I don’t WANT to be judgy about the way someone prays but here I am. For the record, she started it.

Last Friday my lovely Book Club ladies got together to discuss “I’ve Never Been To Vegas, But My Luggage Has” by Mandy Hale. I hesitate to link to it because that feels too much like an endorsement. I did not like this book. I could just leave it at that and not even mention it further, but (despite not wanting this to be an extended twitter feed of my whining) I want to start blogging more* so here I am.

Probably my biggest beef was not even that she was so preachy about God, but that religion does not even appear on the description/synopsis, anywhere. (Fine I will link just to prove a point.) I thought this was going to be a breezy, chick-lit, beach read. It was infuriating to be blindsided with preaching about turning your life over to God. (And to think my boyfriend was initially concerned that I was too religious…)

Thankfully I was not the lone wolf of dissent at the discussion table and we were even collectively annoyed at a certain part where the author is visiting the town where Dawson’s Creek was filmed. Big fan of Dawson’s Creek, so I get her excitement (Team Pacey by the way since I know you are wondering. Not that it should even be a contest given the competition.) If God listens to our individual pleadings and grants requests (Um, no.) then is praying to God about a TV show really the best use of his powers? That’s right, I am bitchy and condescending and ANNOYED. If the book would not have been on my kindle, I probably would have tossed it against a wall.

I had never heard of the author or her Single Woman blog before reading this book (which is assumed to be known) but she seemed way more concerned about promoting her image and brand than of telling any sort of compelling story. She came across to me as entitled and immature (hmmm, maybe the comparisons she continuously made between herself and Carrie Bradshaw are not far off…) and NOT INSPIRING.

Everyone picks and chooses what works for them in the world of sin (robbing a bank and taking post-it notes from the office are both stealing, but I do not feel equally guilty about both acts) but it was really hard to follow the author’s descriptions of how she justifies her decisions to herself about where and with whom to live. Mostly I do not want to live in a world where moving out of your parents’ suburban house to an apartment in the big city is living against God’s wishes and reason to be terminated from your dream job. (Or for that matter that domestic abuse is a punishment for living romantically with a guy before marriage.) A general theme throughout the book was her belief in needing to turn decisions over to God and that when good things happened in her life (which were caused by achievement and hard work) it was because God was happy with her and when terrible things happened it was because she was not living her life the way God wanted her to. Stop the preaching! Or at the very least, change the book description to include the religious overtones so one knows what to expect!

*It was only fitting that when I finally got over myself, signed in, and opened up a new post window, my boss walked over to my cubicle within three seconds. 



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2 responses to “You’re Praying Wrong

  1. RA

    Yeeeah. That was what I expected after I clicked around The Single Woman blog. Sorry that you got blindsided! That is bad enough, even without the religiosity. Did you all touch on the dependence of her brand on being single?

    • Yes I brought that up and we agreed it is difficult to maintain that brand with such limitations. I am sure if she finds true love that she will somehow get another book deal about the anguish of consulting God whether transforming her brand is the right step.

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