Friday Random – Raining Men Edition

Well my head is still discombobulated, but that is no excuse to slack on the blog. It’s Friday and there is nothing more random (for me) than talking with THREE (3!) ex-boyfriends in one week (good grief), so I shall take inspiration from Aaron (continuing the posting even when sick, I bow to you sir)  and just let the random take over while my brain processes the mystery of the Y chromosome.

  • Peeps – as a fan of marshmallow anything, I am firmly Team Peeps. Most specifically, stale Peeps. (Hey I love chewy red vines and day old popcorn, so clearly stale is my thing.) Although I prefer to buy the chicks version of Peeps instead of the bunnies (do bunnies peep? I am confused) the surface area/design of the bunnies make them stale much faster. It is quite a personal dilemma.
  • Honey Maid forever – I was already firmly loyal to the Honey Maid cracker (preferably with peanut butter or cream cheese frosting, but butter also works in a pinch) and this only solidified it.
  • Boycott of the day – Everybody has a soapbox stance on some retail establishment or product and the call to action to boycott based on certain principles and outrage is so common it is hard to keep up sometimes. This article about the Mozilla CEO and the concept of pitchforking consistently definitely made me think and examine some of my own behavior. Does boycotting one thing mean you have to boycott every thing fairly or you are a hypocrite? Is that even possible? There is dirt and controversy over every single thing and there is no way to be consistent and steadfast about it. I hate Walmart’s labor practices, but I still buy string cheese in bulk at Sam’s Club. I believe in unions, but work for a non-union service company. That said, once I have been made aware of something that violates my standards it is hard to rationalize looking the other way. To be fair, even the mention of the word Menards gets me all prickly and my dollars will never be spent there.
  • Parenthood – the TV show fools, not action in my lady bits. Finally a mention of Haddie last night! Granted it was completely in passing, but it was nice to have an acknowledgement of her existence. Still hoping the rumors are true for an appearance sometime soon. Also, I have far more words about Joel and Julia than are proper form for a bullet point.
  • Rick-roll – I am a big fan of the rick-roll, and in addition to the morning version I received on April Fools’ Day, a friend one-upped that and “got me” with a Pat McCurdy rick-roll. I love you Pat and I will always dance.




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2 responses to “Friday Random – Raining Men Edition

  1. I love a good Rick-roll! I just saw a spectacular one at the library this week. Kid pretended there was something wrong with his computer, slid it to his dad and slyly removed the headphones. Ahhh! It was glorious.

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