April Pranking

April Fools’ Day brings out laughs and rage – from those who love to prank and those who HATE the concept with a passion. As long as we can agree that lying is not pranking, I am usually on board. Acceptable public prank: This morning I woke up and in my usual fashion grabbed my ipad and poked around on the internet before climbing out of bed. There was a link about ongoing local story of group expanding their search for investors to bring PBR back to Milwaukee and Daft Punk might be interested. Now had I REMEMBERED it was April 1st, I probably would have laughed even before clicking on the link, but I didn’t and the rick-roll sure brought a smile to my face. Also acceptable – OnMilwaukee.com basically turns into The Onion for April 1st. There are always funny stories and the Brewers ones this year are quite amusing.

What is NOT a funny prank? Having an ex contact you about giving your broken relationship another try. This insincerity is never a good idea. Not even in my 20s and his ridiculously immature roommates put the idea in his head. It is an even worse idea when he calls and I am drunk and it sounds like a plausible idea.

So, essentially college boyfriend Mooch (he of the fart lighting and on-again, off-again saga) called me as a joke, but I was too inebriated to comprehend he was kidding and gave serious consideration to the idea. CRUEL. This is where the conversation should have ended with the obligatory “Haha, April Fools! This was simply a mean prank call” and maybe our trajectory would have taken a different path. Of course my agreeing to the idea was never in the (terrible) plan so he doubled-down and on-the-fly lied about the resolution of some of the issues that had led to our last breakup in order to illicit a booty call.

Yes I find it sort of amusing now (in the bewildering realm of how someone you loved could be such an unbelievable jerk), though definitely not the case when I initially found out the phone call was in jest. Years prior, we had broken up and on a lonely night he made a drunken phone call to me which led to a reconciliation. With our history, I can understand where the original (dumb) idea for the prank came from, not that I am agreeing it should have occurred. I am certainly not without fault when it comes to dumb ideas and hurting others (specifically hurting him included).  Obviously in hindsight it would have been preferable to reply “fat chance” at his phone call, and we all could have laughed it off as a ridiculous thought AT THE TIME.


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