Cosmos: Yellow Ostrich Release Day

Yellow Ostrich? I’m a big fan. Getting to see them from right on their stage at Lollapalooza in 2012 is one of the highlights of my adult life.

Even the sweltering heat could not crush my joy

Even the sweltering heat could not crush my joy

Today their third album, Cosmos, is officially released! Company policy on streaming and earbuds could not keep me away from listening to it on repeat in the last week. Sure you could download if you are hip and cool like that, but I prefer to buy my copy from the record store. (oh you know the one) I like the tangible product and holding it directly in my hands while I browse the artwork and liner notes. I’m sure I will also buy a vinyl copy (because I like to hoard) to try and solicit new band member signatures for this album as well. Since I have already started a collection with their previous releases, it would seem dumb to stop now. Plus, glow-in-the-dark t-shirt? Awesome.

I am so excited they are going to be in Milwaukee next month at one of my favorite venues. I bought a whole bunch of tickets and gave them away as Christmas presents. So kids, buy the album, buy your tour tickets. Don’t make Michael sad.

Don't make Michael cry - he's a sensitive soul

Don’t make Michael cry – he’s a sensitive soul


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