Company In The Kitchen

Making a giant mess in the kitchen and creating yummy food is one of my favorite pastimes. Having Caryn visit this weekend reminded me how enjoyable it is to have company in the kitchen. It is something I certainly have not mastered in dating over the years either because the fellow is not interested in cooking/helping or because it stresses me out to always feel like I am being bossy. I normally default to requesting company at the table to talk to me while I cook. Caryn and I have been together in the kitchen for 20 years (CRAZY) and know how to work with and around each other so naturally. It is fun to pick out a recipe and just have each other read it and grab responsibility for parts. We can ask for assistance/help/direction and not have it feel like giving orders. This casual collaboration and togetherness always brings up interesting discussion tidbits (or nerdy kitchen news if you will) such as this one on whether to bother removing the sprout often found in garlic or about ways to cut an onion.  The kitchen at my current place is tiny, but it felt intimate and fun to share it with her (also, she has been to culinary school and can effortlessly chop everything. SCORE.)

She is not my only cooking partner in crime and I loved spending my summers with two amazing girls making all sorts of messes treats as they grew up. I am a messy cook to begin with but wow do children really add to that equation. They also provide inspiration and blame for vast amounts of cookie dough indulgence and doubling frosting recipes. This joy has also carried over to another friend Hillary (Hi Hill!) It’s not easy to cook with her in everyday settings given all the distractions at her house, but whenever we can get away together we make some magic happen (grease fires included). I love gathering recipes that fit our overlapping tastes and after seeing this deliciousness, I need to begin plotting to steal her away.


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  1. Damn, dude, that Lifehacker post on onions will be the most helpful thing I read all day.

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