Accomplished Rest

So after whining on every online forum and at anyone within a 5 foot radius about how rundown and frazzled I felt and how cheated I felt to be deprived of a snow day (despite twice as much snow so far as last year) and how I worked through a miserable headcold while coworkers took sick days, I took a day. Oh right, personal days. Granted there is no distinction since we went to mass PTO bank, but I kind of forgot about personal days. Not planned vacation fun time, not miserable sick days, just a day.

I wish my brain could have taken a day because it was wide awake and alert at 6:20 this morning, as is always the case when getting out of bed is not required. Grrrrr. Getting out of bed did not happen until past 9:00 but then I needed to get to work. The spare bedroom has been a dumping ground for all things not belonging in there (summer fan, Christmas towels, kitchen overflow,) and my slacking on laundry lately meant the piles have had the opportunity to breed. It seems weird to use a precious day off for such mundane tasks, but after running myself ragged for a couple weeks, it was such a relief to leisurely take care of simple necessities like laundry and grocery shopping.

I even managed to take one of my old TVs in for recycling. No, this does not lessen the TV/DVD/VCR total as I wasn’t even really counting this one. It was the old TV from my bedroom, that was replaced with my Grandma’s better television back in November. So, technically the spare bedroom was housing 2 TVs for a couple months. Plus – I think I have found a home for the spare TV/DVD/VCR that has sat mostly unused since I moved here (cough, almost 3 years ago). If that falls through, I have accepted that it it should go away. Progress, however small, is moving in the right (non-hoarding) direction.


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