Haven’t Killed It… Yet

I have officially kept it alive for 7 days. I am sure its days are numbered, but for now it is continuing to make me smile every morning while I eat my cereal and procrastinate having to go to work. Even if someone holds a view of cut flowers being impractical, he still manages to come through with something pretty.

Plant o' mystery

Plant o’ mystery

As it was completely unmarked so I have no idea what it is and what kind of environment it prefers (well besides the hothouse I am sure it was grown in). I shall blame lack of instructions (not my complete ineptitude for plant upkeep) for when I kill it sometime next week.



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2 responses to “Haven’t Killed It… Yet

  1. That’s a cyclamen. They’re actually very hardy and, here, they’re winter garden plants. Our winters are much milder than yours though, so you might have to keep yours inside in a cool place. Periodically, all the flowers and leaves will die off, but if you continue to water the corms, they’ll send up new shoots. I had one in a pot on my front porch that lived for more than ten years.

    • Not sure if the hardiness is supposed to reassure me I can actually keep it alive or make me feel even worse when I kill it. As we have multiple feet of snow on the ground, I think it will remain on the kitchen table for quite some time.

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