Car Shopping

After last week’s driving adventure, the timetable for replacing my car has moved forward a bit. My car has actually been working fine post-incident but, since there is still no explanation for what happened, I have become increasingly uncomfortable driving it. The easy to diagnose problems have all checked out, so a fear of widespread electrical system failure makes me a little agitated.

Seems when you start talking about car shopping, guys have LOTS of opinions. I am aware I am blessed to have knowledgeable and helpful fellows in my life that want to assist in this matter. What’s that – you want to do research and stuff on my behalf? I would be crazy to not accept that help. Unfortunately for all parties involved, I don’t really care about cars and this makes it significantly less fun. I want something as safe, reliable, and fuel-efficient as I can afford. My reply of “four doors” was laughed at when asked what style of car I like. Also all of these wonderful gentlemen make significantly more money than me and have trouble understanding my meager car budget. Why yes I would like to have heated seats, but most of the cars in my price range do not come with such fancy features.

When I got to a friend’s house last night he was on a car website building a dream truck (his dream, obviously) to replace his current one (already a monstrosity). Afterward he wanted to mess around on the site just to see what caught my fancy. The cheapest brand new car listed was already beyond my used car budget, so it was an exercise in futility. Plus I whined about all the touchscreen technology that I hate and complained about the style of steering wheels. We had some fun anyway and he ended up asking me a whole bunch of questions without letting me see what car he was working on. Turns out we built a $65K Camaro. Hah, all that money and only 2 doors – it violates my one damn car preference! This morning I awoke to an email from my main squeeze with a link to a used VW station wagon within my budget – very reassuring that at least the guy I am dating listens to me.

One week into all this and I already want to bury my head in the ground. I don’t think I will be making it until June like I originally intended to begin the car shopping process, but a girl can always hope. Alcohol to calm my nerves is quite a bit cheaper than financing a car.


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