February is a sucktastic month for me and considering my already natural homebody inclinations it is so easy to slip into hermit mode and stay under the covers for days on end. I have tried to make sure I have a few things scheduled every couple days in an attempt to keep me engaged and prevent total social shutdown. Sure I picked February as the shortest month to post every day, but it was also chosen specifically to have a daily goal to get through these hard 28 days.

This weekend was a pleasant surprise, for no one reason in particular. Friday night I gathered with old friends to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies. I was greeted at the door by my favorite 5-year old who announced we were going to have TONS OF JUNKFOOD – including delicious frozen appetizers and an elaborate sundae bar. Dogs to pet, babies to snuggle, and sprinkles on frozen custard all made for an enjoyable evening. I ended up sleeping over and had a fun, lazy morning playing cards (5-year olds are competitive cheaters, yo) and chatting with my best friend.

The rest of the weekend had the same chill vibe – a greasy cheeseburger Saturday night while catching live music in bar, a lazy morning in bed followed by getting tipsy on a pitcher of margaritas Sunday afternoon. I got my ass handed to me in cribbage, but I knew my weeks-long winning streak wouldn’t last forever. It didn’t even bum out a little – it was simply fun to play. Watching Olympics interspersed with lounging on the couch reading and it was so casually enjoyable. Having multiple work deadlines coupled with dread at the looming anniversary of my brother’s death will make for a really rough week ahead. Instead of spiraling down into the funk, I can face it.


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  1. Here’s to day drinking. And getting through tough times. Cheers, my friend.

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