Sunday Video Funday: Bethany Thomas

As part of a performance series in town, Alverno Presents, (such great shows) last year there was a tribute to Stephen Foster. It was both highly informative and packed with a bunch of local standout musicians. I am so happy I got to see it not only for all the knowledge about Foster, but also for the introduction to Bethany Thomas. She has such an amazing voice and I was blown away at her performance of “Oh Susannah”. A 30-second snippet of that is at the end the Beautiful Dreamer clip available, but it feels like such a tease after witnessing the whole show. One of my favorite parts of that night was being able to meet her in the lobby afterwards and gush let her know how much I enjoyed her singing. In the year since I first saw her I have stalked searched the internet for other tidbits to hear her voice. I especially like this touching one of her singing at a wedding reception:



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