Chore Fail

It is so nice to have a completely unstructured weekend, but without a specific timetable to accomplish things I find myself completely unmotivated (I mean more so than usual, obviously.) I don’t want to do my household chores OR write a blog post, so I guess I will simply bitch about doing chores. No one reads this on the weekend anyway.

I have tried all sorts of arrangements to try and stay on top of housework, but nothing has ever stuck. Keeping things generally tidy sure makes it easier to tackle the deep down cleaning, but if things are generally tidy then I also rationalize they are good enough. I think the cleanest my house ever consistently felt was when I was living with my brother’s filthy cat. Between the disgusting litter and the fine coating of fur on every surface, I vacuumed on almost a daily basis. That says an awful lot considering how much I hate to vacuum. Since I work for a cleaning contracting company and occasionally have to work in the field, my hatred of vacuuming has been a long-running joke in the office.

Argyle Sweater comic left in my cubicle. I would much rather clean toilets. Seriously.

Argyle Sweater comic left in my cubicle. I would much rather clean toilets. Seriously.

I wish I could pinpoint what exactly I hate so much about vacuuming, but there is so much to rage against – moving furniture, repetitive pushing, cutting all my the hair out of the beater bar brush EVERY SINGLE TIME, ugh. A Roomba sounds so amazing, though if my sturdy Dyson struggles I don’t understand how my hair wouldn’t clog the tiny magic machine within 5 minutes. Also, since my plush carpet would need pile lifting and force me to use an upright anyway, I guess I might as well save my $400. I will continue to hold out hope for technological advances in self-vacuuming floors, or maybe I will fall in love with someone who will take over this dreaded chore.



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  1. Ha, that’s so funny to me because I actually enjoy vacuuming. It’s weirdly satisfying When my ex-wife bought our first Dyson, it was partially a present to me.

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