Meat Pancakes

(Edited to add: Photos blatantly stolen from Natalie’s FB album)

One of the stories that keeps being retold over and over again from our Germany trip last fall is the one about the meat pancake. Who knows if I will ever get through chronicling the trip properly, so this seems to be as good of a place as ever to start.

After one of our day trips we were pretty drained on the train ride back to Munich and all decided we wanted to crash early. Everyone went back to the hotel and split up. My cousin Natalie and I decided to venture back out and catch some dinner on our own. It was pretty late so we walked towards the nearby Marienplatz area and settled on a restaurant called the Hackerhaus. Once inside we knew we were in for an adventure. Up until this point in the trip, we had been spoiled with the prevalence of English in Munich and had her brother Erich (who speaks German) to do our translating for us whenever it was needed. This time we were on our own in a restaurant with non-English speaking waitstaff and a non-translated menu.

Should have ordered the apple strudel.

Should have ordered the apple strudel.

We were able to get a bottle of flat water (wasser ohne gas – we were not completely incompetent despite Erich’s continuous corrections to our pronunciations) and we scanned the menu trying to translate the few words we knew. I zeroed in on my beloved leberkase (Blatant exception for why you cannot rely on direct translations considering it is neither liver nor cheese but more like delicious bologna)  and Natalie got bold and ordered the Kalberne Briesmilzwurst. Neither of us knew what it was but we had not been disappointed in any of the delicious sausage so far.

When it arrived, um, it was not what we expected. It was shaped like 2 meat pancakes and was very pale with darker bits. No matter, we were HUNGRY. Because Natalie is a generous gal I tried a bite. By far some of the weirdest texture in food I have ever experienced – soft, smooth, and chewy all in one. We had no idea what we were eating. Natalie took a picture of the menu so she could look up what it was once we were back in the hotel (our only source of internet). I would have preferred to stay in the dark and left it a mystery. Ignorance is sure bliss once you realize you ate calf brain sausage that had chopped up bits of liver or spleen.

dark photo does not begin to do it justice

dark photo does not begin to do it justice



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2 responses to “Meat Pancakes

  1. Knowing no German, I would have ordered the schinkenwurst because it’s fun to say. Google tells me it’s just ham sausage, so this confirms my belief that I’d be an excellent European traveler.

    I also Googled briesmilzwurst but I didn’t get brains as a result, I got “veal milt and sweetbreads.” I know what sweetbreads are, but no clue on milt. So I Googled milt, and was informed that it is “the semen of a male fish.” As opposed to the semen of a female fish, I guess. In any event, I decided to stop Googling things because I haven’t had dinner yet.

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