Rodent Prognosticator Celebration

Our office celebrates Groundhog’s Day. It is kind of crazy, has gotten more elaborate every year, and I am partially to blame for it. See, the head of our company LOVES Groundhog’s Day – it is his favorite holiday of the year. He started with our company a few months after I did and I latched onto his quirky affection for the rodent initially out of pure amusement. (This is a man who dragged took his family on vacation to Punxsutawney, PA, to see Phil; a man who had Sonny and Cher’s “I’ve Got You Babe” as his wedding song.)

Punxsutawney Phil commemorative earring

Punxsutawney Phil commemorative earring

It started with making a few fun, informative flyers about groundhogs and historical weather prognostication in the breakroom. In the years I was in college and doing education fieldwork in classrooms I may have double-dutied some festive cupcakes for both environments. Why not? Taking delight in someone else’s delight and helping make that delight even greater is a feeling of pure joy (think of all the work parents put into birthdays and Christmas, etc, but obviously to a lesser degree, and between grown adult coworkers. )

Groundhog Tshirt Selfie for Flurrious

Groundhog Tshirt Selfie for Flurrious

As time went on (ahem, 15 years of this), the ridiculousness of it all compounded with new additions each year: a couple comic strips (Mutts has annual groundhog situations), some cheesy parody song lyrics, along with nerdy graphs on the accuracy of groundhog prognostication (spoiler: Phil is a terrible prognosticator, but Jimmy the Sun Prairie, WI groundhog has 80%+ accuracy.) Soon the decorations overflowed the break room and I had a surplus of material to decorate hallways, bulletin boards, vending machines, etc. throughout the office.

Unable to photograph the entire area, but here's a few of the decorated cabinets

Unable to photograph the entire area, but here’s a few of the decorated cabinets

There have been gag gifts exchanged between us over the years including t-shirts, earrings, Punxsutawney Phil beanie baby, cookie cutters, stickers, and of course the coveted Caddyshack dancing gopher (animal classification blurred for purposes of cuteness.) The office treat selection has also intensified in the past decade. We take office treats seriously around here and he brings an enormous spread of brown snacks that rotates throughout the day (something new added in every couple of hours.) It covers the entire table and counter in the breakroom and often lasts for a few days depending how many people are in the office. With all the terrible-ness that infiltrated our office, it is fun to have something positive that makes everyone here smile and celebrate.

Non-brown fruit hiding in back corner as an attempt balance all the refined carbs and munchies

Non-brown fruit hiding in back corner as an attempt balance all the refined carbs and munchies



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4 responses to “Rodent Prognosticator Celebration

  1. Selfies involving ground-dwelling rodents are exempt from the four selfie per year limit. But don’t think this means that I’m not keeping track.

  2. In NYC, we have Staten Island Chuck. He sucks (I mean, obviously; he’s from Staten Island).

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