Sunday Video Funday: Bon Appetempt

Hey look at that. Day 2 and I am cheating already with a scheduled post. Weekend posting has me nervous and I didn’t want to fail right out of the chute. Way easier to post during the week when I am stuck in a cubicle in front of a computer all day. Not sure if anyone will read on Sundays, so kind of taking a cop out and posting a video.

For those that read cooking blogs, does anyone read Bon Appetempt? I came to know about it through Youtube/PBS digitial studios before I started following the actual blog. Whenever I watch the videos I find myself deeply amused by Amelia’s casual cooking style, along with her inflection and facial expressions. Also she made a video about Dutch Babies the week after having a baby. Totally insane.

Anyway without further ado, I’m sharing one of my favorites: the Movable Dinner Party. (Eyeballing it because it’s SOUP.)


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One response to “Sunday Video Funday: Bon Appetempt

  1. Sunday blogging for me usually entails videos. Looking at my traffic, no one visits my blog on Sundays, anyway, so I think you’ve got the right idea. Also, I’m totally checking these videos out, because I need to stop eating cowboy eggs for dinner.

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