That’s A New One

I have lots to discuss, but I am getting nervous about posting every day in February so a bunch of things are sitting on the back burner waiting. This was too good to hold on though. Wait, maybe good is not the right word choice. Too funny? Too ridiculous? As a certain someone is not entirely comfortable with a social media presence I’m not sure it is fair to call him out to make fun of him on my blog, but 10 seconds after I started laughing last night he asked if this was going on Twitter. At the time I was too lazy (and busy catching my breath from laughing) to get up to find my phone so here we are.

Sitting on the couch he (damn, I should probably figure out a name for him) was messing with my eyebrows just to bug me. I mentioned they were out of hand and I needed to trim them as my eyebrows can get unwieldy. (This is also why I have never jumped on the Gimme Brow bandwagon. I have PLENTY of brow.) He agreed he has similar issues and that he also trims his eyelashes. Wait, WHAAAAA? I thought at first he misspoke and meant eyebrows. No. I found a guy who TRIMS HIS EYELASHES BECAUSE HE THINKS THEY GET TOO LONG.

I would go on, but it’s unnecessary. I’m simply going leave it there as no further explanation truly explains anything.



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5 responses to “That’s A New One

  1. Okay, full disclosure: I don’t trim my eyelashes because I don’t want anything sharp by my eyeballs. But I also suffer the pain of long, luxurious eyelashes, and at least one gets in my eye on a DAILY BASIS. All you people who are thinking about Latisse or whatever just know: long eyelashes are a curse.

  2. I’ve noticed it’s usually guys who have the long lashes because of course.

    As I’ve gotten older, I think my lashes have thinned out a bit, but I’m not positive because I haven’t worn mascara since the 90s and so I don’t really pay attention to my lashes. But with age, I’m pretty sure my brows have gotten more Andy Rooneyish, which is easy enough to manage, but also kind of depressing.

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