The Big Chill

First 5-day work week for me since early November and I am CRANKY. The crazy cold temperatures (polar vortex, coldest temps in 20 years, blah blah blah) are not helping at all, what with having to actually leave the house combined with the inability to leave said house with my standard/super professional wet hair. Yay for twitter friends for crowd-sourced problem solving and ideas for dry shampoo. Too bad it is too cold to go search for hair product that would save me from having to blowdry my hair in this cold, but still a win. Maybe. We’ll see. I have not had past success with dry shampoo.

Can we go back to the weekend please? I am so much happier during weekends. This weekend I got to finally see Christmas Vacation for the first time, (bonus points for after Christmas viewing?) drove past the happy barn, got to take an unexpected, snuggly afternoon nap, and was the recipient of some hilarious drunk-texting from an old friend during the shitty Packers game. All in all a pretty delightful time. Significantly better than sitting in my cubicle with cold toes, terrible network access, and fighting off menstrual cramps.  Sigh.



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2 responses to “The Big Chill

  1. You just saw Christmas Vacation for the first time?! What did you think?

    • It is pretty astonishing to have gone this long without seeing it. I think I avoided it for so long not wanting it to be a letdown (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Family Vacation). Technically I have not seen the last 15 minutes, but overall I think it is a quality film and can see why so many people adore it.

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