Happiest of Holidays

Yes, happy holidays – encompassing Christmas AND New Year’s Eve/Day since I cannot be trusted to do timely individual updates. It was only New Year’s Day yesterday and it already feels like a long time ago. (Possibly due to yet another Badgers bowl loss, possibly due to a severe sleep deficiency.)

There were so many reasons to be blue this year (nasty cold/plague, missing my brother, typical money concerns, 1st Christmas without Grams the matriarch, etc) and instead I had a really outstanding holiday and time off from work. Family time was as sweet as I could have asked for under the conditions that exist – there was no yelling at Christmas Eve dinner, no mushrooms in the eggs Christmas morning, plus a hilarious, vulgar afternoon of Cards Against Humanity with my cousins that kept us from dwelling on those missing.  Although I don’t believe your happiness should be dependent upon another person, I have to say write, when the stars align it can be pretty flippin’ sweet.

This is a roundabout way of disclosing there is a certain someone causing a twinkle in my eye. I probably shouldn’t go into details, (jinxing and whatnot) though even if I wake from this dream it should be documented for posterity and awesomeness. Whatever side of the fence you fall when it comes to feminism, chivalry, and whatnot, it is necessary to take a pause and acknowledge with appreciation when one party takes on the majority of heavy lifting for date driving and meal paying. It is also so much MORE than that (though fancy New Year’s Eve dinners are amazing and well worth putting on stockings and heels in 5 degree weather). It is all the little things like hand holding, and coat assistance, and ice cream delivery, and buying the pulp free OJ that make a girl feel so special. Bringing over a Rice Krispies treat train kit to do together also goes a long way.

Verdict: We both need to go to train painting school.

Verdict: We both need to go to train painting school.


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  1. Ooooh! I love twinkles in the eye! I don’t think it’s anti-feminist to appreciate a little chivalry. It’s just polite, you know? I don’t require guys to open my door if we’re just friends or if it’s at work, but if we’re on a date, that dude had BETTER be a gentleman.

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