Turkey For Me

Happy Thanksgiving!I am currently parked on the couch in my sweatpants, glancing occasionally at the parade balloons on TV, and mentally calculating when I have to get off my butt and start assembling the stuffing (unstuffing, dressing, whatever you call it.)

My grandma died yesterday and I am sure I will have more thoughts later on that. It was expected and I am grateful her suffering is over, but damn if it doesn’t still really hurt. A lot. Thanksgiving in my extended family is always scattered across the country, but it feels even more so this year with the somber haze. I think there will only be a dozen people at my parents’ and that seems so strange and small. Also I will be the only girl in my generation present, so fingers crossed I can force my boy cousins to chit chat more than their habitual grunting.

Earlier in the week I got into a fun discussion on Facebook about this article on Thanksgiving Bingo. Wow, that describes my family’s antics to a tee and I love it. We are loud and obnoxious and no one makes me laugh the way they do. In our discussion we also brainstormed items that were missing, such as

  • Dig about declining fertility/GRANDBABIES
  • Significant other being called by wrong name/former S.O.’s name
  • Spilling a drink
  • Breaking a glass
  • Burnt or forgotten dinner rolls

One of the items on the bingo card that really hit close to home was complaining about the stuffing. My mom grew up with bagged/preseasoned stuffing with pork sausage added. It is made in a casserole dish so the top gets crispy. My dad was raised in a household where the stuffing was from scratch and actually stuffed inside the turkey so it was downright wet. The fights over stuffing run rampant in my house. This year I am making 2 types of stuffing to accommodate vegetarians, but neither will be stuffed inside the bird (yuck, in case you were wondering where my loyalties lie.)

I am grateful that even on the worst days I am incredibly blessed. I will get a drumstick since my dad will carve the turkey. He will complain about the stuffing but not hold a grudge and deny me my beloved meat on a stick. I am thankful my aunts make the pies so I don’t have to feel bad about myself and my inability to make or like pie crust. Today I will be surrounded by family, even if so many are missing from our table.



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4 responses to “Turkey For Me

  1. I’m sorry about your grandma. That’s always hard, but especially so when it happens around the holidays.

    I don’t care whether stuffing is cooked inside or outside of the turkey (though I always do it outside because it’s one less food-poisoning potentiality), but I’m a purist about what’s in it: bread, celery, onion, stock, seasoning and end it. People who put oysters in their stuffing should be jailed.

  2. Funky Carter

    Happy Thanksgiving! Very sorry to hear about your grandmother; mine also passed away over Thanksgiving about ten years ago. It was a weird holiday. I recommend extra rolls. They always make me feel better.

    • Thanks. My Grandpa died this week 10 years ago and it was kind of freaky wondering if she would pass on the same day. I plan on compensating with extra rolls AND extra booze as I have no significant other to shush me this year.

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