Somebody Had To

It all started with Late Afternoon Pancakes and an innocent question about competing brands of delicious cookie butter/spread. This called for a faceoff.

Head-to-head (er, spoon-to-spoon) competition

Head-to-head (er, spoon-to-spoon) competition

I fell in love with Biscoff-style spice cookies decades ago on a now defunct airline, and the concept of making it into a fatty delicious spread has only made my love grow. I am familiar with Trader Joe’s cookie butter, but have never purchased the Biscoff brand. That all changed last week when curiosity got the best of me. Was I letting value (cheapness) stand in the way of better taste?

I would like to say I was inspired by the pancakes, but “in the interest of science” good intentions were slayed by laziness and I never got to making the pancakes. The spoon test was not even a real race. Biscoff won by a landslide with both creamier texture and amazing flavor. I should be thankful that splurging the extra dollar for the premium jar turned out to be worth it, but then I turned the jars over. EGADS. There is a reason for it. The Biscoff spread contains twice as much fat as a spoonful of TJ’s. No, wait, Biscoff cleverly states a serving is 2 tablespoons compared to the Speculoos stingy 1 tablespoon.

Fatty Fatty Bo Batty

Fatty Fatty Bo Batty

I was perfectly content with my TJ’s speculoos spread and then fell hard for the more expensive, more guilty (slash honest serving size) indulgence. What am I going to do now? Since I have 2 open jars of deliciousness (DANGER DANGER) I am telling myself I cannot buy another jar for a long while. That’s good since it will take me a long time to decide which one will be repurchased.


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One response to “Somebody Had To

  1. Funky Carter

    Dude, you win by having both in your house! Now you need to try making pancakes with each brand and compare (hint: Biscoff wins).

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