Next Summer’s Shoes

Sooooo, as I agreed to post every day in February (though I don’t even remember who to blame besides myself), I thought I should at least put up a blog to start with. I’m compiling ideas for future posts but figured there is no reason I couldn’t put some random content up beforehand.
Back in September I went to Germany for Oktoberfest (post idea!), and this trip highlighted my need for new footwear. I was looking for a casual, walkable shoe that would work with pants and capris and was not a sandal or a sneaker. Heidi happened to post a discount link for Lucha shoes and since they came so recommended I took a shot.
A week later I still didn’t have my new shoes and realized I never even got an order confirmation. I checked my bank account and sure enough they processed the payment. What? I signed onto the website and could pull up my order but all it said was “in process” and there is no phone number to call. Normally I am a phone avoider and all for online contact, but when a company has taken my money and not delivered, I am more than willing to orate my displeasure. I sent a friendly email basically inquiring “What the hell?” and got a response a couple days later simply stating my shoes were on their way with no further explanation.
I finally received the shoes the day before I was to leave on my trip with no ability to break them in before tromping around cobblestone. No worries though, because I couldn’t wear them anyway. The seam on one shoe was completely missing where two important parts of the shoe come together. Whomp whomp. I have a terrible photo of the problem but basically it is like the machine ran out of thread and whoever was sewing decided “aw, fuck it,” and let it go.
By the time I returned from Germany, made contact (again with the email) to explain the ongoing situation, and got a replacement pair of shoes, it has since turned arctic in Wisconsin. That will happen when it takes 45 days to get a shoe order. I don’t even know if we even HAD summer temperatures for 45 days during June-September this year. Anyway once that temperature drops I require socks for my ice cube feet and canvas shoes are not going to cut it. Boo. Well, now I am ahead of the game for 2014 summer solstice fashion. I am fully expecting terrible blisters from them after all this.

Ridiculously poor quality control.

Ridiculously poor quality control.



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4 responses to “Next Summer’s Shoes

  1. Funky Carter

    Dude, congrats on the blog!! Very excited you took the plunge — and that I have something new to read.

    Also, I wear canvas sneakers year round, so don’t give up on those. (Mind you, my feet freeze every year, but I look cool. Or is the word fool? I always forget.)

  2. courtney

    Woot! Welcome to the blogging world! I don’t think your blog is ugly. As for your shoes, they’ll feel like new shoes in the spring!

    • Thanks, You are kind. I used to be familiar with wordpress for our work website, but it has been years. So much the same and yet SO MANY MORE menus. Yikes. I will figure it out eventually.

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